Meet Your Ogden Bankruptcy Team

Experience, compassion, and respect...what to look for in a bankruptcy attorney

Aaron Nilsen

Aaron Nilsen

I first obtained my Utah attorney license in 1997 and chose to focus exclusively on bankruptcy law after becoming aware of the many complications that are all too often associated with bankruptcy cases.  I have worked extensively in this field to gain the expertise needed to get each of my clients the best possible outcome.  What’s more is that I feel true gratification by helping people through this time and watching them begin their lives anew, unencumbered by the anxieties brought on by extreme financial distress.  The number of Utah bankruptcy cases I personally prepare and file each year are in the hundreds, and through those cases I have gotten to know all of the judges and trustees in this region, leaving me able to tell you very easily and with confidence what you can expect from your bankruptcy case. 801.721.9633
Cindy McDonald

Cindy McDonald - Chapter 13 Case Manager

Senior Paralegal
Cindy McDonald is my office’s paralegal, and together we work to prepare your case and get it quickly filed with the court. We share the same enjoyment from working with bankruptcy because of the positive changes we get to see in the lives of each and every one of our clients. Cindy works closely and is very familiar with all of the case managers in the Chapter 13 trustee’s office, which helps us get your case confirmed quickly. You can call or text Cindy at 801.388.0007.
Janet Kucala

Janet Kucala - Legal Assistant

All of the Chapter 13 motions filed by our office are done so by Janet Kucala, our legal assistant. Janet would be the one to help you obtain court permission to purchase a home or car while in chapter 13, or to assist you with some missed payments or other changes to your chapter 13 plan.  She can be reached via phone or text at 801.784.8803.
Evelyn Pena

Evelyn Pena - Chapter 7 Case Manager

Evelyn handles every aspect of our chapter 7 cases, from gathering the initial documentation to getting the case properly filed, then coordinating with our chapter 7 clients to insure they are well prepared for their trustee meetings. She can be reached via phone or text at 435.610.2471.