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I called on Sunday thinking that I would just leave them a message to set up an appointment...but to my surprise Aaron answered! He went over some things with me on the phone and set up an appointment for that Tuesday... we were all filed that week! There was a huge blizzard the morning of my appointment and Aaron wasn't able to drive up from SLC but he did everything over the phone with me in the office and it went really quickly! If you work hard WITH them and get all the documents and information you need to them...it goes really seamlessly. Their office staff is amazing! They respond in less than 20 minutes to any email and are always there to help..even with silly questions. They are LIFESAVERS!

– Vanessa C.

Aaron Nilsen and his entire office helped us through a very stressful time in our life! They quickly and answered all questions and helped us clarify this sometimes confusing process. Aaron was really honest about what the best options would be for us. I would recommend Utah Bankruptcy Clinic to anyone wanting to get this done 100% right as quickly as possible. We had our first appointment on Tuesday and were filed by Thursday!

– Adam M.

Aaron and his staff took care of us the minute we contacted them. Out of all the lawyers that we looked into, he was the only one that made my wife and I feel relieved. We highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to file bankruptcy. already recommended him to a few friends and family. Thank you Utah Bankruptcy Clinic for all your help:)

– P. Lolo

Everyone here is so helpful!! I am so glad this is where I stopped in on my journey to a better life! I am so thankful for the great team they have and all the hard work they did for me! Thanks especially to Janet and Michele! You gals rock! Always prompt on responding to my emails!

– K. Hawkins

Aaron and his staff are amazing! They are very helpful and are detail oriented, which helps to make the process much smoother. They are also friendly, courteous and very patient, especially with the un-ending questions that I asked. Thanks for being so awesome!

– Jennifer C.

Very relaxing and comforting place. Very helpful and helps me really feel like I know what's going to happen. I love it.

– Mallory S.

I couldn't be any happier with these guys. Very professional and made me feel really comfortable. I came in nervous for the fact i had to file but left feeling comfortable with what i was doing. They made me feel at home and after they explained everything to me i felt so relieved. The office staff couldn't be any more helpful, just wonderful and very pleasant and very HELPFUL. Aaron gave me every minute of his attention and answered all my questions. If i could suggest anything to anyone, If you plan on filing i Strongly suggest you go through these guys. You will not be Dis satisfied, I promise.

– S. Peterson

We went to the Utah Bankruptcy Clinic not knowing what to expect. We were treated amazingly well and all of our questions were answered. The attorney we worked with, Aaron was very knowledgeable and gave us pointers and suggestions that ended up saving us lots of money. We also had a chance to work with some of his staff. Michele and Janet were wonderful in helping us fill out our paperwork properly. Thank you all so much. Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who is seeking financial help thru bankruptcy.

– Jeremiah B.

Right from the time I made the decision to look into bankruptcy I came across the website and right then I was impressed with the layout of the information. I learned a lot just that day about how the process works. Aaron was quick in responding to me after I put my contact info on there. I called him and we discussed things regarding the matter of bankruptcy having never done this before. Answered my questions which helped me lower my stress. Walking in and meeting Michele and Janet was great all in itself. Very warm and welcoming. Felt comfortable after being nervous going there. They both got right on it helping me out getting my copies done and other items as needed. what a great way to start indeed. Met Aaron and he was great all around by answering any questions and went over the paperwork and discussed the process more. Stress was lowering even more. I brought in some other items needed a few ...

– Shawn S.

I would recommend these guys to anyone who is thinking about or has any questions about bankruptcy. They are super nice and wonderful to work with. They take the time to explain everything and answer any questions you have, beleive me i have bothered them more than my share. I love how comfortable they make you feel to when you go in and talk to them, I always go in nervous, but leave felling at ease. They are a great bunch to work with. :)

– K. Harper

Utah Bankruptcy Clinic is AMAZING! I could not have asked for a better experience when it comes to the not so pleasant experience of filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. Aaron, Michele and Janet were with me every step of the way. They answered any and all of my questions promptly and accurately; no matter how small the question was. Aaron really went to bat for me especially when it came to creditors that were aggressive. They made me feel like I had a team on my side and that the outcome of my case was important to them as well. They were very compassionate and made me feel like a person, not a "debtor". They understood my circumstances as a single parent and worked with me on the fees. Without their down payment and monthly payment program, I would not have been able to afford such a quality attorney and associates or been able to file bankruptcy and get a ...

– Jennifer E.

Nobody likes having to go through something like this. Having Arron and His office staff( Janet & Michelle) make us feel safe comfotable and secure put us at ease and has made this process much easier.

– D. Matthews

I would and have RECOMMENDED AARON (UTAH BANKRUPTCY CLINIC) to many. I trust and his team fully. Aaron, Michele, Janet and Cindy make sure everything is in order, that you have everything you need and when its done there are NO mistakes. We had a lawyer many years ago who messed up our bk and it was horrible. Aaron and his team explain everything clearly you will feel calm and confident during the process. To many this is a HUGE decision and sometimes we don't have a choice and we feel terrible about it but its good to have a team like them on your side to help you through it and make sure everything is completed correctly. We APPRECIATE ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR OUR FAMILY. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

– Lucille S.

I went into Utah Bankruptcy Clinic not knowing what to expect. Any questions or concerns I had were explained and Aaron and his team were very helpful. I would highly recommend Utah Bankruptcy Clinic to all. Thank you so much Aaron, Michele, and Janet!

– KAli W.

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