Helpful Bankruptcy Resources

If you're like me, you like to do some digging around online before you make a commitment to call somebody or make a purchase. Below I've pasted some links to information and resources you may find helpful.

Utah Bankruptcy Court
This site is the offical website of the Utah Bankruptcy Court. It has links to local rules, court calenders, bankruptcy forms and filing statistics. You really should take a look at the filing statistics web page because it will show just how many people are filing bankruptcy in Utah, which kind of bankruptcy, and how the filing rates have increased dramatically in the last few years.
FTC Online Complaint Form
Go here if you've been subjected to unlawful debt collection practices and you want to file a complaint about it. Keep in mind the FTC does not intervene in your individual case, but filing a complaint will certainly raise red flags about the offending collector and might make their lives a little more miserable.
Utah State Exempt Property List
This site is the actual Utah state code section, or law, that sets forth which kinds of property are protected in a bankruptcy. In other words, the trustee cannot take this stuff away from you in either a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. And because the legislature cannot do anything simply, there is a second list of protected property here. These two lists combined are all of the exempt property protected in a Utah bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy law is primarily a federal law and this is the link to that law. Warning: this is not light reading! If you dare to take a peak at it, you'll soon realize why it's worth paying a lawyer to help you navigate through all the confusing legal mumbo jumbo. Follow this link to see the actual federal code regarding bankruptcy. But be warned, it is not easy to get through – if you have ever tried to read federal laws in the raw before, you know why it is so helpful having an attorney on your side who actually speaks legal-ese and can translate for you!
Utah Bankruptcy Clinic
1140 36th St., Suite 205
Ogden, UT 84403