The Documents You'll Need to File Bankruptcy

Ahhh, paperwork…
bankruptcy docs

When you're dealing with a lawyer and the law you have to expect some paperwork! However, we do the best we can to streamline the process. When you are ready to meet with me, you'll need the following documents:


1.The completed questionnaire.  CLICK HERE to view or print it.

2. All of your and your spouse's paystubs covering the last six months.

3. Your state and federal tax returns for the last two years (I can help you get duplicates if they're lost).

4. Your most recently received county property tax notice if you own real estate.

5. All of the bills, statements, invoices and lawsuits that show a debt we are putting in the bankruptcy (I will also pull your credit report if you don't have a recent one).

6. Although it is not necessary to take the pre-filing credit counseling session before you meet with your lawyer, you may wish to do so just to get it out of the way. Their charge is $8.95 and you pay them directly. You must take this class before we can file your case.

If you or your spouse are a business owner and you are going to file chapter 13 bankruptcy, click here to download the official chapter 13 trustee's profit and loss form. You'll need to complete this form for the last two full months of business operations.

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